A Christian Rehab May Offer Fewer Relapse Risks


One benefit of a Christian rehab is that this type of facility offers a lower risk of relapse, and this is true for a number of different reasons.


christian rehab fewer relapse risksA Christian rehab offers treatment for every aspect of your addiction, including the physical, psychological, and spiritual causes. These treatment programs understand that spiritual wounds are not visible, and these are usually hidden until they are identified in individual counseling.





A Christian rehab makes every effort to eliminate the causes of your addiction, and this will give you a future free of the fear of relapse. Some of these facilities even offer a conditional treatment guarantee, and that is something few treatment facilities give.


One reason for a lower relapse risk with a Christian rehab is that spiritual wounds can cause substance abuse and addiction, but typical rehabs are not equipped to deal with or experienced in these contributing factors. When you leave the rehab your spiritual wounds may still be present, and before long this will cause you to slide back into your old ways.


christian rehab fewer relapse risksA Christian rehab can prevent this, by ensuring all of your contributing causes have been identified and worked through. When you leave a Christian rehab you will be ready to face the world again, and live your life to the fullest free from substance abuse.




Christian rehab programs will normally include treatment and therapy methods which have a proven history of being effective. The twelve step program can help you work through your addiction in a safe and calm manner, and one on one sessions will look at your specific substance abuse causes. Group sessions can help you recover as well, and a number of Christian rehab facilities also offer other tools and resources which can prevent a relapse after you leave treatment. Classes on stress and anger management can help you avoid any relapse triggers, and nutritional counseling can eliminate any food cravings that you may experience.


christian rehab fewer relapse risksChoosing a Christian rehab can give you the comfort and peace of mind that you need to work through your issues, and you will be in treatment with other Christians who share the same beliefs and lifestyles. This allows you to relax, and this means better results and less of a risk of a relapse in the future.





A Christian rehab can be effective even when other types of treatment facilities have failed, so these programs are normally well worth the additional cost you will pay. Your choice of a treatment facility will be the deciding factor for the results you will get, so you should make this choice the best one possible.