Christian residential treatment inpatient outpatientChristian residential treatment centers are one option if you have a substance abuse problem, and another treatment choice is an outpatient facility. Are Christian residential treatment centers a better choice or do outpatient programs provide effective treatment that is just as effective? The biggest difference between residential programs and outpatient programs is the amount of support and supervision that is offered. Christian residential treatment centers are residential programs, which means that you do not leave the facility until your course of treatment is complete. Outpatient programs are those that allow you to leave each day, and do not offer overnight supervision.


Christian residential treatment centers do not involve the temptation to backslide that an outpatient program does. When you leave treatment every day it is very easy to go back to your old ways. Christian residential treatment centers can prevent this, because you do not leave the facility until you are completely recovered and the temptation to return to substance abuse is not as great. During your stay you will work on all the aspects of your substance abuse, and are supervised at all times. Christian residential treatment centers also offer around the clock support during the recovery process, so you always have someone available if needed.


In most cases Christian residential treatment centers offer superior results, and usually do not require follow up visits in a majority of the patients. Treatment methods which are more effective are offered, with the objective of a full and permanent recovery instead of a temporary measure that will not last. Christian residential treatment centers are usually the preferred form of treatment when compared with outpatient programs, because of all the benefits and the lower amount of temptation involved. When the cost versus benefit analysis is complete most residential facilities offer a lot more benefits for a cost that is not that much higher.


When you are deciding whether to look at Christian residential treatment centers or outpatient programs you will need to honestly evaluate your treatment needs and beliefs. If you do not follow Christian principles and philosophies then Christian residential treatment centers may not be the right choice in your circumstances. If you are a Christian and want the best possible treatment without sacrificing your dignity or beliefs then this type of facility may be the obvious choice. Outpatient programs do not include the same treatment intensity, and this is why many of them fail at helping you achieve a permanent recovery and effective results.