What is Christian drug detox, how does it work, and who uses this type of program? Christian drug detox can be found in many forms, but the typical process and end goals are the same with them all.

Christian drug detox programsThe goal of a detox is to eliminate all the drug residues from your body, so you can receive treatment without the intense cravings that the drugs can cause if they are still in your system. This will give you the best chance for a permanent recovery. Christian drug detox programs operate on and follow core Christian beliefs and values, so you can get the treatment that you need and crucial spiritual support combined.

Christian drug detox may occur at the same facility where you will receive substance abuse treatment, or you may be required to go to a separate detox facility before you check into the residential treatment facility. This will depend on the specific Christian drug detox program that you have chosen to use. When you arrive at the detox facility you will spend time exercising and working out, because these activities will speed up the elimination of the drugs from your system and get you clean faster. Christian drug detox facilities may include sauna and massage options, because these can also help you get clean faster.

Proper nutrition is also emphasized during Christian drug detox, because water helps to flush your system of toxins from drug use and many nutrients are needed for your body to clean out effectively. You will receive balanced meals which contain a wide variety of nutrients, and water will usually be available at all times. Christian drug detox may include spiritual counseling and guidance while you are withdrawing from the effects of your drug of choice, as well as different activities and workouts to maximize the detox effect.

With some drugs detox can be a dangerous procedure, because a physical addiction can cause life threatening medical complications when the drug is stopped. At a Christian drug detox you will be closely monitored during the process, and medical intervention is available immediately if a complication occurs. A compassionate staff will help you through the process one step at a time, until you are completely clean. A Christian drug detox can help you get ready for treatment that will work, be getting rid of the drugs that are clouding your mind and destroying your life. Without detox you would not be likely to stay in treatment for long, because the pull of the drug can be that strong when it is still in your body.