drug abuse statistics drugsDrug and drug abuse statistics show that the use of both legal and illegal substances are on the rise, and this is true for almost all age groups. Prescription drugs are commonly used outside of the prescribed directions, and these drugs have a high value on the street market for recreational use. Drug and drug abuse statistics show that no area of the country, or the world for that matter, is completely immune from this trend. Substance abuse affects the inner city neighborhoods, rural communities, and many other areas where substance abuse would not be perceived as a problem. Individuals who have this problem also have a tendency to hide the signs, so that the abuse is not detected.

The drug and drug abuse statistics show that substance abuse is on the rise in schools, and this includes elementary schools. One troubling trend is the rise in the abuse of inhalants, and kids as young as ten years old are huffing in an attempt to get high. Drug and drug abuse factors show that kids who receive an education on the dangers of drugs are less likely to give in to peer pressure and try substances, and this has led many schools to increase drug awareness education efforts.

The link between drug and drug abuse and problems in society is proven. Individuals who have substance abuse issues are less likely to succeed in school and in life, and they are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders. When drug and drug abuse issues are present criminal activity may become a factor, because theft and other crimes are frequently committed to obtain money for drugs. Legal problems are also common if you have a substance abuse problem, because you may be arrested for possessing or using drugs, driving under the influence of illegal substances, or other activities.

If you have a problem with drug and drug abuse issues it is important that you get the help you need. The statistics show that if treatment is not received then the problem will continue to worsen, and can end up destroying your life and health. Valiant Recovery can help you put your life back together, so that you no longer experience drug and drug abuse issues in the future. A permanent recovery can be reached if you are willing to give the time and effort needed, and Valiant Recovery can help you reach this goal successfully.