Christian residential treatment centers are different from other types of rehab, and for some these facilities can offer a much better way to recover. A rehab that follows the Christian teachings and values is more likely to have a more effective program if you also have Christian beliefs.

Studies have shown that Christian residential treatment centers include a belief in a higher power, and the realization that all things can not be controlled by you. Christian residential treatment centers will usually follow the belief that you should change the things that you can, and let go of the issues that you can not change.
Christian residential treatment centers offer spiritual counseling and guidance, along with the more traditional therapy types. A spiritual wound or loss of faith can often cause substance abuse, and when you use Christian residential treatment centers for your treatment needs these spiritual problems can be addressed and resolved. Addiction and substance abuse can include many components, and one of these is spiritual. Choosing a typical rehab instead of Christian residential treatment centers can leave you with relapse risks once you finish the program. Before you decide on where you will receive treatment you should look at your spiritual needs, as well as your physical and emotional ones.
When you choose Christian residential treatment centers for your recovery needs you will feel more comfortable with the staff and other clients, because everyone shares the same beliefs and holds the same Christian values. There is no mingling with crowds of clients from all economic backgrounds and religious beliefs, and this means you can relax and work on recovering.

Christian residential treatment centers understand that stress can cause your recovery to take much longer, and may even make it less effective. You can concentrate on resolving your substance abuse issues instead of worrying about more mundane matters.

Christian residential treatment centers can offer hope, even if you have tried a number of rehab programs before and failed. When your spiritual wounds and voids are resolved then you are much more likely to experience a full and complete recovery that is permanent.

If you want the best treatment possible then the first places to evaluate should be Christian residential treatment centers, because these facilities will help treat all of your addiction components and not just some of them. This can give you permanent results, instead of just a temporary recovery.