prescription addictions christian treatment center choicesPrescription addictions can devastate your life and even kill you if treatment is not received. Many of the prescription drugs that are abused are narcotics, sedatives, and those based on amphetamines, but even antibiotics and other seemingly benign drugs may be abused at times. Prescription addictions can result in doctor shopping to get the required prescription, and even taking over the counter drugs like cough syrup or other substances like bath salts when the desired prescription drug can not be obtained. Prescription addictions can affect every aspect of your life, from your job and social life to your family and financial situation.
If you have prescription addictions you are also at risk for injury or death, criminal charges and the possible loss of freedom, and the loss of your job which can result in financial ruin or even homelessness. Many programs that offer treatment for prescription addictions do not have reassuring success rates, and have high relapse rates and recurring treatment statistics. These programs offer limited therapy types, mainly group therapy is available, and do not help you uncover the root of your problems. You can not reach a permanent and full recovery using only one or two methods. Instead a combination of the most effective treatment methods should be offered.

Christian treatment centers have a higher cost associated with these programs, and some may not be highly effective at treating prescription addictions. One way to determine this is to look at or ask about the specific counseling and therapy types offered in a program. In addition to group therapy the ideal Christian program will offer at least 4 hours of individual counseling on a weekly basis, and spiritual counseling sessions are also typically included. This type of program for prescription addictions will offer the best results and help you get back on your feet again.

Christian treatment centers for prescription addictions can make a difference in your recovery. The belief in a higher power has been shown to help with treatment for all addictions, including prescription addictions. This belief is shared by the staff and treatment professionals at most Christian treatment facilities. Recovering and receiving treatment in a safe and comfortable environment, with treatment staff who show you the compassion and dignity you deserve, will ensure that you continue your treatment until it is complete. Choose the treatment facility carefully and make sure that your choice offers all of the treatment options needed for a full recovery from your prescription addictions.